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Young Dolph-Memphis Police Find Alleged Drifting Vehicle Involved in Rapper’s Murder

Young Dolph-Memphis Police Find Alleged Drifting Vehicle Involved in Rapper’s Murder

New potential developments around the rapper Young Dolph announced.

Young Dolph, 36, was shot and killed in Memphis Tennessee on Wednesday, (Nov.17). The rapper was brutally murdered by Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies on Airways Boulevard. Since the shooting, the Memphis Police Department has been searching for suspects seen in surveillance footage.

The Memphis Police Department reportedly found the car used to kill Young Dolph, sources said.

According to recent reports, the white Mercedes Benz was found in the 1100 block of Bradley Avenue. Fox 13 nga Jeremey Pierre confirmed the news from several sources.

Social media seems to serve as the main source of updates on the next investigation. This caused a reaction from the Memphis Police Department and local media.

In recent updates, Memphis police have released photos of confiscating a car that are quite similar to those seen in the images from the shooting. These images quickly caught a lot of attention on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

Aside from the photos of the Mercedes Benz towed on Saturday morning (Nov.20), no further updates have been confirmed. No arrests have been made in the investigation into the 36-year-old rapper who was shot and killed at his local bakery in town.

Louis Brownlee, a Memphis police spokesman said,

I understand that social media is changing, though, nothing more is available now. If more information is available to share, trust and believe that we will get that information from you. ”

Please continue to keep the family in your prayers as they continue to mourn their loved one.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow this story as it progresses.

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