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Will Smith Accused Of ‘Insecure’ Actor Langston Kerman Of Making Comedians Sign NDAs To Write His ‘Silly Dad Jokes’ For Instagram

Will Smith, Langston Kerman

Will Smith Accused Of ‘Insecure’ Actor Langston Kerman Of Making Comedians Sign NDAs To Write His ‘Silly Dad Jokes’ For Instagram

the Will Smith getting help outside of his comedies and online persona?

In the past few years famous entertainer Will Smith, 53, has grown into a huge internet following apparently thanks to his successful career, online inspirational posts, and personality. The content Will Smith The uploads to his Instagram account, which has nearly 57 million followers, are constantly going viral because of his comedy prowess and the jokes displayed in his IG posts.

Will Smith

However, according to the comedian/’Insecure’ actor Langston Kerman, 29, Will Smith unnatural humor as some think. Yesterday (Nov. 24) at night Langston Kerman took to his Twitter account and accused the ‘Fresh Prince’ actor of hiring comedians to write IG jokes. Langston Kerman’s the accusations did not end there and he also admitted that Will Smith there were comedians assisting him with his ‘crazy dad jokes for Instagram’ sign NDAs. He tweeted,

“A lot of comedians I know need to sign NDAs to help Will Smith write silly fatherly jokes for Instagram, and now this n*gga here is talking about vomiting from the poisoning of p*ssy. Wild the rich. ”

by Kerman the claims follow Smith recently trended online for a story shared in his newly released self-titled autobiography. According to reports, Smith revealed within the book that at one point in his life he had sexual intercourse so much that he was rejected in intimate activity. He wrote,

“Up to this point in my life, I had sex with only one woman other than [my ex]. But over the next few months, I was filled with ghetto hyenas. I desperately needed relief but since there was no pill for grief, I resorted to homeopathic remedies to buy and widespread sex. ”

He added,

“I’ve had sex with a lot of women, and it’s unconstitutional at the core of my being, that I’ve developed a psychosomatic reaction to having an orgasm. It literally makes me proud and sometimes even vomiting.”

Will Smith

What are your thoughts on Langston Kerman’s accusations against Will Smith? Tell us in the comments below.

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