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Will Kenny and Armando still be together?

The sweetest love story! 90 Day Bride: The Other Way star Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio quickly became a fan-favorite in season 2. The couple won the TLC reality TV franchise’s fandom on their heartfelt-and sometimes, saddest-journey. Keep scrolling to find out if Kenny and Armando are still together!

Kenny, 57, and Armando, 31, first met in a gay support group on social media. Kenny is the father of four children – son Bricen and triplet daughters, Taylor, Cassidy and Madison, while Armando is the father of a young daughter, Hannah, from a previous marriage.

Kenneth and Armando 90 Day Fiance The Other Way

Since Kenny lives in Florida and Armando lives in Mexico, the couple dated long-distance for about four years before Kenny made the big decision to move to be with his love. In an episode aired in October 2020, Armando opened up about why the couple decided that Kenny should move to Mexico instead of Armando moving to America with Hannah.

“One of the reasons Kenny moved to Mexico was because it was hard to bring Hannah to the U.S. because she didn’t know English and lost her mother, I think it’s important to put her close to family,” Armando said. in a confessional. Earlier in the season, Armando explained that he had been married before his ex -wife, who was Hannah’s mother, but she died a few years ago in a car accident.

Just a week after Kenny arrived in Mexico, he the question came up to Armando on a romantic proposal on the beach. But the couple faces obstacles because Armando’s family doesn’t accept his sexuality, because Mexican culture doesn’t widely accept same-sex couples.

Hannah, on the other hand, is more accepting his father’s engagement with Kenny. The adorable girl said she was happy that the three of them would be together as a family.

90 day fiance kenneth armando family react engagement
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Despite Kenny’s warm welcome from Armando’s parents Virginia and Armando Sr., they seem to have slightly demolished their walls as they shared a tearful farewell as Armando, Kenny and Hannah prepared. to move from San Felipe to their new home of four. times in Mexico. Virginia hugged Kenny a big goodbye instead of their usual handshake, and Armando Sr. went to meet them after they were not sure if he would show up.

Despite the obstacles Kenny and Armando faced, they seem to have overcome everything as a couple.

Armando and Kenny will have to file a lengthy petition to the office of the National Human Rights Commission in Mexico before they are allowed to legally marry, which fans will see approved when they return. season 3 to hit TLC series in August 2021.

The couple revealed that the denial appeal process they initially received was delayed due to the closure of government offices due to the coronavirus pandemic. After receiving a letter from the local Human Rights Office giving them the right to marry, they were happy to learn that they no longer needed the letter because same -sex marriage was treated the same as any marriage in the state.

After they were given the green light at the wedding, Kenny and Armando exchanged their vows at a romantic ceremony at Mansarda winery in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, making it official on May 22, 2021.

“Hopefully the love between us will really open [people’s] mind and heart, and they will see that love is love, ”Kenneth said People after their wedding was caught for the spinoff series.

Viewers will see the couple’s inspiring wedding with Armando’s daughter, Hannah, as well as a mariachi band and professional dancers at the end of season 3 on TLC. 90 Day Bride: The Other Way will be released on November 28.

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