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Why Did Brother Menendez Kill Their Parents? Murder Details

More than 30 years have passed Erik and Lyle Menendez ferocity killed their parents in August 1989. Recently revisited by NBC’s Law and Order Real Crime: The Menendez Murders – and true crime enthusiasts still wonder why brothers viscosity killed their mom and dad.

Over the years, the brothers – who currently serving a life sentence in two separate California prisons – there is opened with interviews about shot Kitty and Joseph at their family’s Beverly Hills mansion.

In January 2017, Lyle, now 53, spoke ABC News how he learned to live with crime. “I was the kid who killed his parents, and no stream of tears changed that and no regret changed it,” he said at the time. “I accept that. You’re always defined at certain moments in your life, but that’s not who you are in your life, you know. Your life is your totality of it. ”

lyle menendez splash

Lyle’s mugshot.

Erik, 50, is more shy in the press, but in a 2005 interview with People, she suggested that poor parenting served as a factor in her decision to end her parents ’lives.

“I killed two people I loved so much. I love my dad. Listen, how much are you angry with someone after they kill you? I love my parents. And that’s my real prison. I was expecting to die, ”he explained. “Oh, people say I have it all, that I’m rich and live in Beverly Hills. But if there are photos of the events of my childhood, it’s photos of crime. I’ve been dead long before nightfall. that I killed my parents. ”

In 2017, ABC debuted Truth And False: The Menendez Brothers, a special two -part about Erik and Lyle’s horrific crime. Specifically, photographer Philip Kearney says his former friend imagined killing his parents and even wrote a screenplay about it. According to Philip, the script is “about the boy who killed his parents to collect insurance.”

erik menendez splash

Erik’s mugshot.

“Over time, Erik took that screenplay and reworded the first four or five pages exactly. what happened to the crime, “Philip continued, adding that he felt a” terrible realization “when he saw the Menendez murders playing out in the news.

Prosecutors believe that Main motivation of the Menendez brothers is greed. On the ABC special, Kitty and Jose’s friend Karen Ferrell echoed this idea, saying that Lyle and Erik were afraid to write from their parents ’will. At the time, Jose – a prominent Hollywood producer – and his husband worth and estimated at $ 14 million. Karen remembers a time when Kitty was at the family computer updating her will and talking openly about deleting her sons ’names. “He said,‘ I don’t care. They knew I wouldn’t give them money, ‘”Karen recalls.

However, Lyle and Erik – who were 21 and 18 at the time, actually – eventually said they killed their mother and father because they feared for their own lives and admitted that their parents had emotionally abused and the brothers were molested from a very young age.

“My childhood prepared me very well for the turmoil of prison life. You really feel the loss of freedom, ”Lyle said. “It’s shocking to think of what happened. Still confused. Like, it seems so far away from who I am and who I am. It can easily not happen. ”

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