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Whitney Port Goes Raw In Podcast Recorded The Night Of Her Pregnancy

Whitney Port continues to take things one day at a time after her severe miscarriage last week.

the Hills The alum used to reveal to fans which he looked forward to again earlier this month – but was warned that her doctor had warned her that it could be a “bad” pregnancy. Unfortunately, that’s what happened as she and husband Tim Rosenman revealed the terrible news of getting pregnant on social media.

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Now, 4-years-old Sonny RosenmanMom’s mom opened up about the aftermath of losing a pregnancy, and recounted her grief and strength in a powerful new discussion on the podcast.

Tuesday is his new episode Dear Media podcast, With Whit, recorded after he found out. When he preceded him Instagram:

“After I miscarried last week, I decided to pick up my phone and record the audio diary of how I felt. This raw reflection is the latest episode of my podcast, #WITHWHIT. I found out on Wednesday afternoon and recorded it that night. Needless to say my words were emotional. My heart is with every woman who has been through this pain. I hope that by sharing my feelings and story, some of you will not feel alone. ”

The reality TV alum started the recording by informing the audience that the doctor’s final determinations had already arrived as expected:

“Now, we know as a final conclusion that pregnancy can and will not survive. There is no heartbeat. I went to the doctor now on my own, really. I don’t think there is a possibility of bad news. Nothing. I know why.I felt like I felt even more hopeful to hear that the baby had doubled in size last week and I felt like it was just coming in. He looked at the ultrasound and looked at me and raised his hands. eyebrows and just shook his head, and in that moment, I just knew, and just felt that Groundhog Day, like, the feeling of sadness was very familiar.

Very sad…

Port, which formerly had showing interest in having another child with her husband – a brother of her son Sonny – also revealed that her doctor advised her to see a fertility specialist to help “create healthy embryos” in a bid to avoid future pregnancy loss.

Whitney Port Shares Touching Personal Update Days After Pregnancy Revealed
Whitney was open and honest throughout the process. / (c) Whitney Port/ Instagram

Of course, as expected, the grieving mom not yet ready to think far to the future.

He explains:

“I’m never quite ready to talk about that, even though I know we want a second child because the thought of not having a second child makes me feel remorseful and remorseful. But then the thought of having to go through this physical pain and nausea in the first trimester can be frightening and frightening and annoying. I mean, I literally couldn’t. ”

The emotional loss from going through this was obviously hard on Whitney and Tim as well.

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The business owner and working mother explains that psychologically, things are far from normal after losing her pregnancy:

“This morning, I woke up, even before I knew the news. I told Timmy that I felt sad just because I felt like I had neglected everything, like, I’m not a mother anymore. I am not a wife now. I am not a current employee and co -worker and colleague and that I always disappoint people. Then I have to tell myself from that and say, ‘It’s just a round, isn’t it?’ Like everyone understands what I’m going through. Everyone understands that if I can work well and if I have the energy to work well, that’s me, but it’s just – it’s very hard.

And the guilt began too, as Whitney thought about motherhood and some of the more difficult situations some women go through:

“I feel like Timmy and I both want a second child and I don’t want to regret it. I feel, you know, thinking about my life, looking at 20, 30 years from now, I regret that I don’t try to do it again in this kind of scientific way. Our family doesn’t seem complete. It just feels right now that one’s responsibility is too great. And then, I felt guilty that I was still complaining because I had Sonny. And, like I said, there are so many people out there who haven’t even had a chance to have one and so, I keep trying to look at the glass half-full and be thankful that there’s science out there that, if We really want to have a second child, hopefully we can do that. ”

None of this is easy, but Whitney is clearly strong and resilient. We were amazed at how he faced this horrible situation with such trust, and empathy, and grace for all.

And most of all, we hope he and his family are well as they continue to recover emotionally after a tragic situation.

All our love is sent!

[Image via Whitney Port/Instagram.]

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