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What We Can Learn From Dua Lipa’s Birth Chart

MILAN, ITALY - September 26: Dua Lipa was spotted at the forefront of Versace’s special event during Milan Fashion Week - Spring / Summer 2022 on September 26, 2021 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Daniele Venturelli / Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images)

When Dua Lipa did not drop club hits like “Don’t Start Now” and “Levitating,” you can his service can be seen looking at the shadow, exhibits some PDA with lover Anwar Hadid, and beauty posting photos of her puppy on Instagram. The singer continues to become a well-known figure in pop music, bringing the most popular pop vocal album for his dance-synth pop record. Future Nostalgia at the 2021 Grammy Awards. Between his constant A + style choices and his music that you can’t help but want to dance to, Dua has definitely carved out his place as a superstar.

What exactly did the stars say about him? Based on his social media and musical footsteps, it is easy to see that Dua is a fire starter. For astrology lovers wondering what the Leo symbol hides on his birth chart, POPSUGAR sat down with the professional astrologer Nautica flowers to see the zodiac in the fire sign.

The Great 3

Your big three is made up of three on most own planets: your sun, moon, and rising. It describes some of the more complex details of your birth chart, which are your primary identity, how you feel, and how you express yourself to others. The planets on your birth chart can help you better understand your personality. If you know the time of your birth, you can see both your sign rise and your homes. Your houses represent the areas of life that are affected by the planets on your chart. Luckily for us, Dua’s birth time can be accessed on the internet, so we found a deep insight into his sign.

Leo Sun

Your day represents the primary identity, something others are likely to see once they get to know you. Dua is a day Leo, and these characters are known to be creative and love the target audience, which is a good mark for the “Hotter Than Hell” singer. As it turns out, the singer has been watching the weight since childhood. “Leo is the epitome of fame, creativity, and talent, which is perfectly in line with Dua’s lifelong love of showing,” Flowers told POPSUGAR. “Leos would live to be in front of the stage, and from a very young age, Dua started performing for his family and friends. “The Leo suns are also more warm and confident, and the singer’s Instagram, full of modeling models, testifies to her burning self-confidence and courageous demeanor.

Cancer Month

On your birth chart, your moon represents your emotionality. It includes how you respond emotionally and how you manage how you feel. Dua’s moon has rested on Cancer territory. Cancers are known to be sensitive and more enthusiastic about how they feel as well as other people. This placement means she cares and nurtures others, and she wants others to feel safe at all times.

This sign is also commanded by the family’s fourth house and roots, meaning he is in the family. “He’s grown up watching his parents work hard, “Flowers said.” A perfect manifestation of this was his first song written as such a child, dedicated to his mother. ”

Libra Rising

Your rise to the sign signifies your most outward personality. This sign is most obvious when you first meet a person and how they express themselves in social situations. Dua is a rise in Libra, and these signs are often societies that value relationships with others. Libras are diplomatic and aimed at keeping the peace with others. These hallmarks are all about aesthetics and beauty, which often lead to careers in fashion or art. This explains how Dua started him career as a model before her musical career took off. The flowers also added that Libras are known for politeness and good manners and making a good impression at first. In fact, they are the life of the party and the friend that people trust to head to head.

Personal Planets

Your birth chart also has personal planets: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Think of these planets as layers under the big three that are more visible to those who know you on a personal level. These planets mean things like your communication style, your relationships, and your ambition.

Virgo Mercury

When it comes to mind and communication, Mercury is the planet to explore. This is best seen in how we communicate with others as well as our thought processes. Dua’s Mercury is set in detail oriented and meticulous Virgo. These signs are the perfectists of the zodiac signs and make sure they give everything they get. “Virgo Mercury is known to be a big perfectist and can be themselves the most criticized,” Flowers explains. “It also adds to why Dua chose take a break to study and perfect her dancing We’ll just go back and blow us all into the water of his new creative abilities. “

Libra Mars

Mars is the planet of aggression and driving. Dua’s Mars is in Libra, which tells us that Dua may not fight. “Mars really weakens the Libra sign, which means that Libra Mars tends to hate conflict, over -confrontation, and is disliked by the majority,” Flowers said. “They prefer to avoid conflict and find a way to respond to anger in the most peaceful, calm way that may require the least amount of confrontation.” Even if Dua is fierce and determined to identify for himself thanks to his day Leo, he is not one to seek a fight.

Leo Venus

Venus is the symbol of love and aesthetics. It’s the way to engage in romantic relationships, and it also governs our personal style. Dua is a Leo Venus, and just like her Leo day, her beauty mind is on a much stronger side. You can see this especially when it comes to his music and his rise to freedom. “Leo represents himself, and it’s clear in his career that Dua is boldly self-motivated to pursue his dreams of becoming a star and took the initiative himself to get there,” Flowers explained. “Leo Venus attends to make attention -grabbing music that makes people happy, excited, and ready to dance – this is all that Dua has given us. Future Nostalgia.

Amidst her dance-pop chart-toppers and legendary fashion sense, Dua made it clear that she has the talent and drive to become the icon she is today, and her birth chart is evidence that she is set to make a sound.

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