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Two -Headed Hattle Turtles In Massachusetts

#TSRShadySpecies: You know if we update all the latest news, we also need to update all the latest animal species that are out there. The most recently made headline in the news is a turtle with two heads coming to Massachusetts.

Agreed to CBS Boston, ang Cape Wildlife Center recently shared a photo of a double headed diamondback terrapin hatchling. The turtle, which has a condition called bicephaly, breeds in an area inhabited by Barnstable. The condition is described similarly to human twins afflicted at birth. This specific turtle was born with two heads and six legs.

The Cape Wildlife Center says, “Animals with this rare condition may not always live the longest or live a good quality of life, but these two give us reason to be optimistic. They are in our possession. take care especially for two weeks and stay bright and active. Eat, swim, and gain weight every day. It’s impossible to get into the heads of the two, but it shows that they work together to navigate their surroundings. “

The wildlife center also recognizes that the turtle has two thorny fuses that further unite the body. As the days go on, they hope to learn more about this unique species.

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