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Traveled for Thanksgiving? Here’s what to expect on the road and in the air

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Most people who travel for Thanksgiving have probably already arrived at their destinations by now. For those who haven’t been on the road yet, here are some tips on what to expect.

Kerry Sanders on NBC talked to travel industry experts for advice on how to prepare for the coming days.

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Make sure you plan ahead

It may be too late for this. Thanksgiving than Thursday. Experts say customers traveling by air can expect longer waiting times at the airport. Get to the airport at least 2 hours in advance. If your Auntie is traveling, I will go to the airport the day before my flight to familiarize myself with the plane check-in procedures.

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Note that there are Covid-19 protocols

Covid-19 protocols are still available at most airports. Federal law says all passengers, including fully vaccinated travelers, must wear face masks at all times when using public travel, including buses, trains and planes. . You could be fined hundreds of dollars or banned if you forget to wear it.

This is another reason to arrive at the airport, train or bus depot hours early to see what Covid protocols are.

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Be prepared for higher pump gas prices

If you plan to drive to your destination, be prepared for higher pump fuel prices. The average cost of gasoline this Thanksgiving is about $ 4 per gallon. You can download GasBuddy mobile app that helps you save money on gas. The app allows you to search and pay for gas in the app. You can also track your gas usage and download a log for tax purposes.

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Calm while traveling

Nerves break when travelers pass by the road during a holiday. Everyone is excited to get to their destination as quickly as they can. But every traveler has the same mindset. Experts advise passengers to stay calm and focus on arriving at their final destination safely and on one side.

If you are involved in an airplane incident, such as punching a flight attendant, you can expect to be arrested and fined up to $ 37,500. And your family’s Thanksgiving will be ruined.

Kelly Rowland wore pajamas to have breakfast at Sweet Lady Jane’s bakery

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If you’re driving and something cuts you off, breathe in and deep. You have no idea what the other drivers are going through. A loved one may be hospitalized, or the driver may have lost his job. Keep a cool head and be thankful for your blessings this holiday.

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