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Tile and its famous trackers, in competition with Apple and Samsung, change ownership

Life360, which notably markets services to locate relatives and allow them to contact emergency services if necessary, buys Tile. Yet better known than its new owner, Tile should join the Life360 family of products in early 2022, when its acquisition is finalized. This operation would cost 205 million dollars, or 182 million euros.

Life360 wants to boost its network, Tile wants …?

Known for its Bluetooth trackers, Tile was one of the first to imagine connected key chains that you hang on your keys or your wallet so you never lose them again. Almost alone in this market for a long time, Tile saw the arrival of competition from Samsung and Apple in 2021 which, given their hold on the smartphone market, have undoubtedly harmed its sales.
Very upset against this competition that he considers unfair, Tile tries to convince the anticompetitive authorities of the trap set for him by companies like Apple by limiting its capacities before arriving in this market, without the same limitations.

Life360, which markets subscriptions with various services (it offers in particular the location of loved ones, emergency calls, automatic accident detection, etc.), intends to rely on the network made up of the thousands of Tile trackers in circulation to improve its localization capabilities.
In return, the Tile network will be able to use Life360’s location beacons to improve. However, it seems to us that Life360 is the big winner of this operation, Tile does not really need the Life360 network in view of its greater notoriety. It seems that the financial aspect is the reason for this buyout.

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Under Life360, Tile should retain its independence. CJ Prober remains the CEO of the company which intends to continue to launch new trackers.

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