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Tiger Woods Makes ‘Amazing Repair’ After Car Crash, Says Source: He Knows If He Wants To Go Back To Golf

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Makes ‘Amazing Repair’ After Car Crash, Says Source: He Knows If He Wants To Go Back To Golf

while Tiger Woods’ injury from his car fall could have threatened his long golf career, he says has made an impressive recovery!

Tiger Woods was involved in a car crash near Ranchos Palos Verdes, California in February. He had to be pulled out of his SUV, suffering “substantial damage” in the single-vehicle rollover crash. Speed ​​is reported to be the cause because he was supposedly going at 80mph, double the legal limit of the area. He is said to have no recollection of what happened, and authorities have determined that a criminal investigation is not necessary.

He alone occupied the SUV and was taken to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center by ambulance to be treated for “moderate to critical” injuries sustained in the crash. He had to undergo several surgeries and was hospitalized with “multiple leg injuries.” He came home almost a month ago.

As his path of healing continued, someone said,

“The tiger has made a remarkable recovery over the past few months, but it will be even more important in the later days. As every day he can do more, the more he can cope, the pain will be less and she feels good. ”

They went on and said he was faithful to his physical therapy, which helped his journey heal, saying:

“He said the pain would be solved now. For the first few months of the couple, he would just sit at home with his leg up, and it would sway and he would suffer a lot of pain. Now he still has pain, but not like what he used to face. He feels strong and healthy and hopeful that he can get back on tour. “

While his exact return date is not known, the pro golfer is said to have a presumed date in mind. In addition to the content,

“He had a timeframe in his head, but he never put that in there; He knew when he wanted to come back, and he would make it happen. He said that even if he wasn’t 100%, he knew he knows how important it is to get back there and compete. That’s his goal. “

Meanwhile, he is in “true spirits, very happy with his recovery,” according to the source.

We were thrilled to see such a great recovery at Tiger Woods!


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