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The Wack 100 Enters The Heated Exchange W / Gillie Da King & Wallo267 On Podcast [WATCH]

Wack 100, Gillie Da King, Wallo267

The Wack 100 Enters The Heated Exchange W / Gillie Da King & Wallo267 On Podcast [WATCH]

Things are heating up over time Wack 100s in recent conversation with Million Dollaz Worth of Game!

Yesterday (Sunday, October 10), Wack 100 appeared in Gillie Da King and Wallo267weekly podcast, Million Dollaz Worth of Game. As he sat down, Wack 100 continued on really true stepping on the co-hosts, almost leading to a physical argument between him and Gillie Da King!

The incident started heating up about 42 minutes into an hour -long podcast, and it was sparked by a talk of rap beef. As previously reported, Wack 100 got it on 21 Masamok at ClubHouse after it was said that the rapper “Brand New Draco” had to face off 6ix9ine when he saw her at the club, as the pair had issues between them at the time. Gillie Da King and Wallo267 shows the final challenge Wack 100principle, once asked:

“Do you think a *** would have freed himself from his freedom?… This *** is a million dollars-do you think he should free himself from it? “

Wack 100 doubling his stance, said Wallo267:

“Stop playing in the street if your b **** a ** wants to play church games! Stop playing in the street, my n *** a! ”

After some more heated conversation about the matter, Gillie Da King aggressively asked Wack 100 if he’s cool with 21 Masamok and Gentle Mill. After that he said and Gentle Mill “Definitely have to go down” and bad terms, the co-hosts couldn’t believe it started to challenge Wack 100.

Gentle Mill

In response, the executive said:

“I’ll go down all 3 y’all.”

Gillie Da King then shows up to try to be scared Wack 100 by taking his back. As in Gillie Da King shout and fly Wack 100, Wallo267 told him:

“At the end of the day, keep *** as names come out of your mouth.”

Before the back-and-forth cools down, Wack 100 throw a dig at Gillie Da King:

“Are you still withdrawing Birdman and Cash Money? I’m telling you he brought your Salvation Army masters as cup holders-they’re still on the shelf! ”

In addition to the aforementioned exchange, Gillie Da King also pointed out Wack100 as a rat in different parts of the stage, probably because of his involvement 6ix9ine.

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