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The Pawn Stars ’Chumlee 160-Pound Weight Loss: Before, After Photo

Pawn Stars Chumlee Reveals 160-Pound Weight Loss After Gastric Surgery
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Chumlee, you are better known for Pawn Stars, revealed a new little figure after gastric sleeve surgery and loss of 160 pounds.

The History Channel star, 39, said TMZ that he hit the scales at 350 pounds in January 2019 and has consistently struggled with his weight gain for many years. Chumlee (real name: Austin Lee Russell) says he’s been in a “year-long battle” for a healthier lifestyle that he can maintain, prompting him to take the weight loss approach. weight loss surgery at Blossom Bariatrics in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today, she is at 190 pounds and is excited to continue her health regimen with the help of her support system.

Gastric arm surgery is performed by “removing part of your abdomen and combining the remaining parts to create a new abdomen or arm the size of a banana,” according to WebMD. “In addition, the surgery removes the part of your stomach that produces a hormone that can increase your appetite.”

To kick off the new month, Chumlee took to Instagram with a photo showing her body piercing on Oct. 1. Days later, she shared a Facebook update with the first and after photos showing his progress to date.

Chumlee Weight Loss
Courtesy of Chumlee / Instragram

“Believe me, I lost over 150lbs !!” he wrote at that hour. “How many people out there are always struggling with your weight like I do?”

Henderson, Nevada, a native fan-favorite of the show that detail of the day-to-day business of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Chumlee worked in the store five years before him debut on reality TV, thanks to his expertise in pinball machines, sneakers and video games.

In May, Chumlee shared a powerful message about self-love and discussed how it helped her find peace.

“Do it yourself even when others don’t understand,” he wrote. “We live in a time where people judge you from their beliefs, I say judging a person by their behavior and their beliefs, the diversity is beautiful and I see a lot of people trying to take it away. that’s from us. Live your life, be kind, spread love and live for yourself. ”

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