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The Men Chef It In The Kitchen, The Women Enjoy A Massage Day And Have Something Called “Fake” In Episode 4 Of ‘Love Locked!’

Roommates, the “Love Locked“The group of singles is getting smaller and only eight contestants are left in their quest to find love-but a friendly competition is testing their thinking skills. In this week’s episode of “Love Locked,” it’s the men versus the women in a quick game that will determine who will receive a special prize and who will officially pack their bags and permanently say goodbye. .

Before we go into the competition of signs between men and women in the “Love Locked” house, some of the women were fighting. When Tokyo called Jamie and said he thought he was “fake” and unreliable, Jamie came back and told Tokyo that he was the “best day of all.” Tokyo didn’t end up gathering women, because she also had words for Kelsey when she tried to cool things down by telling her to think about her business. Whew!

Once out of the way, we know the fun side of things, when men and women know they have to play a game full of signs of a specific time – and whoever wins gets a special treat that’s just part of the enjoyment. The winners also decided who would go home, along with their perfect match.

So who is called for a gold digger? Which of the women has the same claim to Keith? What is the ultimate deal-breaker for men?

You have to watch this week’s episode of “Love Locked” to find out who is about to suck their toes and who is stealing hearts every Monday at 5PM PST!

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