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Shortest Apology For His Said Colorists Comment: I Love My Darkness + Said True Beauty and Ugliness Are There In All Groups Of People

Shortest Apology For Said Colorists Comment: I Love My Darkness + Said True Beauty and Ugliness Are There In All Groups Of People

Very short acknowledged his raised controversy and apologized.

As you may recall, Very short sparked controversy last year during an Instagram Live with fellow West Coast rapper Saweetie. While talking Saweetie, who are half Black and half Filipino, Very short makes comments that are considered by most colorists. First proclaimed by the 55-year-old rapper:

“I like different races.”

Saweetie, 27, after which he was prompted to go into detail. Very short explained:

“I’m from the Bay… When I leave the Bay – like a kid you’re wandering around – you’ll see a [racially ambiguous girl], and you’re like ‘What are you mixing up?’ And they will hurt! They’re like ‘I’m Black!’ And I’m like ‘Nah, you’re definitely mixed up in something,’ and they get angry. But in the Bay, you can meet a girl and – before you say her name – be like ‘What are you mixing up?’ And maybe he’ll tell you that his mother is it, his father is that. ”

Very short

He continues:

“Mixed heritage women have always been my favorite. Like, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman without a mix. And the Bay did it to me. That’s how I feel about life too. Like baby babies… You can take the ugliest mother ** kers from different races, and f ** k and make a baby, and that baby is just beautiful! It happens all the time. That’s right! “

At this point, Saweetie intervened by shouting “bruh!” Very short then added:

“You’re like‘ I know you don’t make a pretty baby ’ [but] you can see its shapes though, like ‘Y’all did, I see it!’ True story. ”

Recently, Very shortThe aforementioned comments came back again, and he was reprimanded as a colorist by many. In response to the backlash, rapper “The Ghetto” apologized for what he said. He recently said:

“I want to apologize to anyone who has been offended by my words. I’m from the Bay area, I’ve come to the Bay, and everything different from me has never caused my circles… In the Bay, a lot of mixed cultures and mixed people. It’s like it was before I got there. “

Very short continued:

“I don’t really have the total hatred of ‘I hate you because you’re light’ or ‘You’re the best because you’re dark.’ I just don’t have that at all. And I love my Darkness, and I love my family on my mom’s side and on my dad’s side. We have every complexion – bright, curly, dark, everything! You don’t have blood on your body that makes you better than others. ”

He concludes his apology by saying:

“You can’t be born of better parents or better offspring. There’s no such thing. The real beauty is in every economic class, every different-and you can see that ugly- ad anywhere too. ”

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