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Plies Says ‘We Live In A Country That Never Likes Equality’


Plies Shares Her Opinion About Equality & Says ‘We Live In A Country That Never Likes Equality’

Plies took to social media to share his thoughts on the current situation in the country. In a social media post, the Real Search The rapper talks about the way that American laws are never intended to help black people. He began to say,

“I just talked to someone. I say ‘man we live in 2021 with most laws written in the 1800s when slavery was central. So it is impossible for anyone to convince me that the laws that were written at that time were written to be fair to all. ”

Plies goes on and says,

“I know people will say ‘oh if you want to change things you have to vote at the local level.’ I’m not saying there’s no truth to that but what I’m saying is that we live in a country that has never had an appetite for equality in this country anyway so now 2021 you know what we call it patriotic in this country? If you fight for privilege… if you fight for privilege this country looks at you as patriotic. If you fight for equality this country considers you a villain. “


He goes on to say,

“Anyone who wants to agree with that or disagree with it… I tell you my personal opinion to sit back and watch the scene. The only time you are considered a patron for this country is when you are engaged fight for privilege.And it makes no difference now if I tell myself that they won’t let the whites in FAMU get that good degree in pharmacy.that I’ll do that their problem..if they want to change that’s what they have to vote for. ‘ That would say a lot about my character in my opinion. ”

You can watch the full clip below.

He also responded to a social media user who wrote:

“The plies that sit with millions talking about inequality.”

Plies replied with:

“What’s different about me is that I’m not one of those people who has done well for themselves and feels like everyone should think of it to themselves like I should. I think you’re trying to stand on the right side though. what else is your condition that makes you a morally right person. I’m just trying to leave this place better than I found! God bless !!! “

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