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OMG! Did Beanie Feldstein give Lea Michele The MARIAH TREAT ‘I DON’T KNOW HER’ Treatment ?!

Beanie Feldstein unintentionally raining on Lea Micheleparade.

If you continue to Ryan Murphy-on the other hand, you probably all know about it Funny Woman kerfuffle already In short, Lea has been open for many years about how she is “worried” Barbra Streisand/ Fanny Brice. She loves him, idolizes him, works with him… but he doesn’t step on his shoes.

BroadwayThe resurgence of the image show recently announced its selection for the Babs role, and surprise! This is it Hill Hillbaby’s sister.

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Fans knew the snub right away, and a legion of memes (like the ones below) were born:

In fact, a lot of people are carrying on Screaming Queens alum after announcing the casting that it is Lea who started to trend Twitter – which apparently confuses the newly crowned Fanny!

If asked about the situation of Andy Cohen of his SiriusXM radio show, the Booksmart The star replied:

“I didn’t know any of this was happening. Suddenly people started explaining it to me and I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ … I don’t understand. ”

Seriously, girl? A theater lover like you has never watched one of the many, MANY episodes of rejoice where Rachel Berry mentions (or literally stars) Funny Woman?

Plus, it’s just not right rejoice – the new momma publicly shooting for the role in real life. He also told the same interviewer, Andy Cohen, in 2017:

“Hopefully, I really hope so. We thought we would do it right away rejoice but I made a lot of songs from Funny Woman on rejoice so it feels a little weird, but I’m really willing to do it now so we can do it soon. ”

Lots of “we” talking there. And yet she not the one who did it at all… So we brought back the Beanie.

We find it just a liiiii hard to believe one is self-expressing Funny Woman The super fan, who says the show’s star is his “most daily wish,” is unaware of his main rival at work. Or that he should never have heard the renewed rumors with Lea as the star, made by Ryan Murphy… who is now Beanie’s boss American Crime Story: Impeachment!

Anyway, the 28-year-old recognized him good wishes to the rival, says:

“She’s so sweet writing on my Instagram. I don’t know the girl.”

“I don’t know the girl…” Wait, will he give up Mariah Carey?? Whatever’s going on, he sure knows what he’s doing here, doesn’t he?

I Don't Know Her Mariah Carey GIF - Finding and Sharing GIPHY

Has he been shaded for some other reason? Can it be revenge? Did Leah ever photograph Beanie or a friend of hers like that, the way we hear Lea treats people?

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Aw, Ben PlattBFF might want to get used to Lea’s name coming around in this production, especially since it’s so different rejoice The alum is thrown at his side: Jane Lynch. Just check out the latest round of tweets from this week after the race rejoice star added to the show:

“The fact that Jane Lynch is going to Funny Girl on Broadway and NOT Lea Michele is an unlocked Sue Sylvester villain arc that I live in.”

“The fact that they added Jane Lynch to the funny Girl Revival makes it look like they did this resurrection for the specific purpose of Lea Michele’s flow”

“They have to throw as many joy actors as possible into the ridiculous life of a woman other than lea michele”


Yes, it’s not like Lea Michele’s entire association will disappear any time soon. We can’t wait to see Beanie make the role her own, though!

Ch-ch-check out more in his chat with Andy (below):

[Image via Nicky Nelson/MEGA/WENN]

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