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Nicki Minaj Says She ‘Went For The Jugular Of All’ While Hosting ‘RHOP’ Reunion + Candiace Dillard dish of experience: The Queen Changed My Life!

Nicki Minaj Says She ‘Went For The Jugular Of All’ While Hosting ‘RHOP’ Reunion + Candiace Dillard dish of experience: The Queen Changed My Life!

The Real Potomac Homes the town has been talking about these past few days, and a lot of information about the recently recorded merger has also come out!

As previously reported, Nicki Minaj helped the host The Real Potomac Homes during the six reunion last Thursday (October 7). He and for a long time Households host Andy Cohen The occasion was celebrated through a series of Instagram uploads, in which the Bravo exec referred to the experience as “a trip.”

Yesterday (Monday, October 11th), Nicki Minaj acquired Instagram Live and – in part – ended his experience with RHOP unity too. He begins by saying:

“The ‘Households‘See you again, all I can say about that-if you haven’t watched the weather yet-go and check it out. Because listening, it’s one for books… it’s iconic. You love it. The women, for me, are all very beautiful personally. I can see why they were chosen to show up. ”

Nicki Minaj continued, revealing that he “went to everyone’s jugular”:

“I saw something that said I was having a hard time with Candiace. [But] I think I’m having a hard time with everything being the same. They’re tough girls on that show-I usually know who I can be like that, and I can tell they’re tough enough to let me have a hard time with them. So I think I’m pretty much going for the jugular at all. Not in a bad way-not in a bad way-just one way I feel like ‘Y’all, if I go back without asking the real s ** t my fans want to know, tan they’ll look at me like I’m crazy ‘… So, I have to go to some things! ”

The rapper added:

“You guys are totally having fun, and that’s all I can say about that!”

Candiace Dillard also spoke about his experience with RHOP reuniting an Instagram video, first proclaimed:

“Nicki changed my life, okay. The queen changed my life!… Me and my bob will confirm, and Chris [Bassett] can also be proved, that the queen-you Nicki Minaj-is actually during the sixTrue Servants of the Potomac ‘ unity too. That happened! ”

Candiace Dillard

He continues:

“It was an epic time, it was really crazy. It was so much fun-really moving. The best togetherness-not even Nicki’s arrival, it was a good meeting. You know, we fuss and cussing and going on. Some interesting things-some interesting interactions. “

Soon after, Candiace Dillard went on to answer a fan question

“Did Mia get him?”

While he did not explicitly answer the question, Candiace Dillard makes a series of faces that seem to imply that something has fallen Mia Thornton to meet!

Mia Thornton

Later, another fan asked Mia Thornton– labi na:

“Did Nicki go with Mia?”

After creating another series of faces, Candiace said:

“I can’t divulge, but you have to set your alarm clocks [for the reunion]… It’s bad – bad at all! ”

Candiace especially also to include some behind the scenes details about RHOP production schedule:

“We usually film the reunion for the remaining four episodes. You get 17 episodes in total, the last one is Halloween, and reunion afterwards-and I hope it’s a lot of parts!”

Are you excited for the sixth time RHOP again? Comment below to let us know!

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