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Nicki Minaj Breaks RHOP’s Ashley Darby: You Won’t Lug Yo ‘Breast Milk There To Start A Drama …?!

Nicki Minaj Savagely Squeezed by RHOP’s Ashley Darby: You Can’t Lug Yo ’Breast Milk There To Start a Drama… ?!

Legendary rap star Nicki Minaj done not hold his tongue in True Housewives of the Potomac reunion.

Nicki Minaj sat in the co-host’s chair for the third part of True Housewives of the Potomac reunion. it’s Nicki Alter-ego “Andiana Minaj” took over her hosting of the gig and she wasn’t embarrassed when it was time to check out the cast members. Andana started the night by asking questions Ashley Darby:

“My first question is, Ashley, first of all, I want to say that I would love to see you with your sons, but for me, because you have just given birth and you want to go home, to really, with your kids, you don’t seem to have much of a storyline. “

He continued:

“So… is that why you want to be Gizelle’s sidekick and be Wendy’s shadow? You can’t take the breast milk there to start a little drama so you can get more camera time, Chile? “

That question alone caused a stir on stage as the cast members panicked. Ashley Darby Andana’s claims were quickly denied, but he had a hard time doing so. Andana’s presence and questioning line left Ashley, with other casts, a trembling, nervous devastation. Nor did he stop there. Andana continued to aggressively force the housewives as if they were in the middle of interrogation.

Praised by the audience it’s Nicki Twitter performance:

Nicki announced his place at the reunion via Instagram in October. the True Housewives franchise producer Andy Cohen It was confirmed that he would come in to have his own discussion with the cast. Although Nicki did not show them mercy at the reunion, the The cast seemed to enjoy that he was the host. They reposted the photo they took with him on stage several times since the reunion premiere.

Would you like to see Nicki (or Anddiana) host more gigs? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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