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Kim Kardashian North West’s daughter hated her mother’s ‘bad’ house

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Kim Kardashian8-year-old daughter North West already showing signs of amusement by mocking his house to upset his mother.

The reality TV star – who has North, saint, 5, Chicago, three, and PSAlm, two, with divorced husband Kanye West – It is said that his eldest son learned how to hurt his feelings.


Kim said the kid knew one of the quickest ways to hurt her feelings was to mock the “ugly” way of decorating their sprawling $ 60 million mansion.

“Every time I deal with a daughter who doesn’t get along with my daughter in the North, she thinks it’s a dig at me and she’ll say, ‘Your house is so ugly. It’s all white. Who’s who. who lives like this? ‘

“He just thought it was coming to me and it was kind of bad because I wanted my house.”

Mental health experts warn parents to awareness of the signs of narcissism of children raised on social media.

Hurtful, vindictive words caused by hearing pain in adults typical of children with whom disease of narcissism (NPD).

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Narcissism is the dominant attitude that a child is superior to others and has a right to the things he or she wants.

The narcissistic child is characterized by extreme greed and attention -seeking behavior.

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Approved by, the former “Continuing the Kardashians” the star is guilty of offering his children a “good bribe” to get their cooperation and affection.

Speaking of Ellen Digital’s new series Mother’s Confessions, he admits: “My biggest failure in parenting is that I can easily give a salary sometimes. I’m guilty of a good salary.”

But Kim tries not to lie to her children.

“I really try not to lie to my kids,” he said. “I did that in the beginning to try to get them out of the house or to try to play or things like that, and I knew right away that it wasn’t going to work for me and I prefer to be real with my kids.”

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What are the warning signs of childhood narcissism?

1. Attention -seeking habits

The child seeks attention, but does not express gratitude to the parents for their kindness and kindness to them.

2. Entitlement

The child NPD believes he is entitled to everything he asks for. He believes he is superior and others (including parents) are below him.

3. Unreasonable expectations

The child has high and unreasonable expectations from others. They are the opportunists who constantly seek out the shortcomings of others to take advantage of them.

4. Unable to maintain friendship

The NPD child has difficulty making and maintaining friendships. She seeks inappropriate friendships with older children and adults who can give her the things she wants.

5. Greed

The NPD child is more selfish with a high level of self -confidence. Behavior that is exploitative and envious of the accomplishments of others.

6. Cannot accept criticism

The NPD child does not get constructive criticism and is easily insulted. He blamed others for his failures.

7. The pleas are formal

The narcissistic child (too large) acts formally in the presence of adults. He was later praised by adults for being “more mature” than other children.

What causes NPD in children?

1. Narcissistic parents who are self -indulgent, isolated, or emotionally unaware of the child’s needs

2. Parents who are too tolerant

3. Excessive and constant admiration for the child’s beauty (you are so beautiful; you are so handsome).

4. Too much negative criticism

5. Unreasonable expectations of a child

6. Excessive abuse (physical and mental)

This is your Medical Minute.

Read more about narcissism in children.

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