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Khloé Kardashian Says She Corrected People Who Commented That Her Daughter Thompson Is ‘Big’ When They Mean To Call Her Tall

Khloé Kardashian Says She Corrects People Who Comment That Her Daughter Thompson Is ‘Big’ When They Mean She’s Tall: I Don’t Want Her To Mean That

Khloé Kardashian serious about reinforcing her daughter’s positivity, True Thompson!

Recently, Khloé Kardashian opens up about what he does to help avoid the devastating effects of uncertainty True Thompson, his daughter. Khloé Kardashian revealed that one thing she did was the right adults said her three -year -old daughter was “great.” Khloé Kardashian says that, because he and Tristan Thompson 5’10 “and 6’9, True Thompson also quite tall for his age. As a result, a lot of good people will see this Granted and comments

“She’s so big!”

However, Khloé sure to correct them by further describing, always answering:

“Oh, he’s so tall.”

Khloé Kardashian says that being more descriptive helps to reinforce that the comment is never negative:

“I try to make them more meaningful. I know what an adult means when they say that, but I don’t want him to mistake that. ”

Khloé Kardashian and True Thompson

Well, he also chooses how the media evaluates his own size Khloé to take this stand:

“When it comes to food – I have a lot of issues. It’s not from someone, I guess it’s just from society or how people criticize my body. So, I’m not playing around with the Truth.”

These comments come about six months later Khloé Kardashian mentioned some of the bad things he heard himself for many years:

“‘Khloé is the fat sister.’ ‘Khloé is the ugly sister.’ ‘His father doesn’t have to be his real father because he looks so different.’ ‘The only way he could have lost weight would have been from surgery.’ You’re never used to judging and separating and saying how unattractive it is, but I’ll tell you if you’ve heard enough then you’ll start to believe it. This is the condition of my feeling, that I’m not beautiful on my own. “

What do you think about Khloé Kardashian’s revelation, and do you agree with her stance? Comment below to let us know!


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