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Kelly Price Updates On Health Following COVID’s Tough Battle: I Thank God For Another Time In Life

Kelly Price

Kelly Gives Price Update On Health Following COVID’s Tough Battle: I Thank God For Another Time In Life

Gospel singer Kelly Price shared with his fans that he did well and followed the doctor’s orders after the fierce fight with COVID. As previously reported, Kelly Price, 48, was dizzy last month when his family admitted he had been missing for a while. Reportedly, the songstress disappeared shortly after she was released from hospital due to COVID.

Kelly Price later came and shared that he had never lost even though he had isolated himself so that he could fully focus on his journey of recovery. He added,

“Actually there are people – I don’t know, fans or whoever they are – who come to my house. People ringing the bell, leaving things in front of my door, bothering my neighbors. [at] all hours of the day and night. And it wasn’t even months ago – I literally just left my house maybe a week ago because I couldn’t rest there… I killed everyone. I’m not on social media. ”

In a current Instagram post, Price let his followers know that he is in a much better place. He wrote,

“Sis followed the order of dr. Sis grew louder every day. Sis worked hard to get back into music. Sis is focused. Sis removes the tension from anywhere and whoever shows it whoever they are. Sis is working hard to be better than ever at COVID, before the pandemic, before the deaths and disappearances, before the heart diseases and pain. Sis will be better than ever in madness. ”

He added,

“I thank God at another time in life. I thank God for everyone who” got it. “I also thank God for those who didn’t get it, those who insulted me and those who judged what they didn’t know about… has a role to play in what will also motivate me in the chapter.Everyone may have their mind but God has the final say! #ChapterNext is now being written.Sis is writing the next chapter. #IAmSis # SisIsMe ”

Price previously shared that he died of COVID and, thankfully, doctors were able to revive him. As he said,

“Sometimes, I lost them. I woke up two days ago, and the first thing I remember was the group of doctors standing around me and asking me if I knew what year it was… died me. I remember waking up in the ICU and the doctor asking me if I knew what this year was like. “

Kelly Price

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