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Kanye West DIDN’T LAUGH AT This One JL’s Joke!

We know Kim Kardashian and Kanye West the “Make each other’s eyes” all night on Saturday Night Live, but that could be because ‘You’re trying to stop her ex?

Agreed to The sun, the rapper was heavily involved in the production process for Continuing the Kardashians The gig host of the star, even dictating what he can and can’t be funny!

On Monday, a source claimed that the Gold Digger The vocalist asked his estranged wife “not to joke about an old tweet call Kris Jenner a ‘white supremacist.’ ”Dang !! Did Kim really joke about that ?? Well, not exactly.

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That topic is obviously limitless for him (though some are other beautiful family issues are not!). The post explained that the original plans for the segment titled “The People’s Court” had some violent tweets posted by the rapper last year, which were shared:

“The writers wanted to include some from last summer, like calling whites and supremacists Kim and Kris but Kim covered it up. Kris and Kanye agreed.”

No s ** t!

It’s not hard to see why this “joke” is too much for the family. For one, the tweet exploded on the internet during the songwriter’s particularly challenging writing on bipolar disorder in July 2020. Clearly, making mental health light is not going to be a ridiculous thing. Also, we don’t believe Kim and Kris want the whole world to be associated with “white supremacy,” considering their biracial children and grandchildren! Not really a good look, but especially not for someone who cares about his brand!

As in we reported on time, the aforementioned Twitter message included a screenshot of the Kar-Jenner matriarch’s unanswered text messages. the Yeezy the founder captioned the post:

“White supremacy at the highest without cover.”

His texts read:

“Kini Ye. Are you ready to talk now and are you still avoiding my calls? ”

If the 65 -year -old never responded, he returned it to:

“Kini Ye. Do you want to talk now or go to war? ”

Kanye West DIDN'T LAUGH AT This One JL's Joke!
(c) Kanye West / Twitter

It’s safe to say he hasn’t wanted to talk since he took the fight to social media! As viewers saw on Saturday night, “People’s Kourt,” which saw Kim pretending to be her older brother, was never able to cope. Kourtney Kardashian sentencing of family members.

It’s still a pretty ridiculous sketch, one that’s still catchy Kourt’s seal of approval. You can check it out (below)!

Some wild call-outs there !! But it could have been more “aggressive,” especially in rapper’s terms:

“Initially the People’s Kourt sketch had more aggressive tweets posted by Kanye.”

However, what a windy jokes just about musicals and reading – it’s never hard to hit! Agreed to The New York Post, however, the source’s claims about originally wanting to include Yeezy’s tweets are “untrue.” SNL declined to comment. Hmm

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For what it’s worth, Kim carved out the Grammy won for most of his most famous opening moments on the show, saying:

“I married the greatest rapper of all time. Not to mention the richest black man in America. We also had four strange children, which is why when I divorced him, only one happened – his personality. “

She also blamed the fashion designer and Caitlyn Jennerfailed political campaignquipping

“I will not run for president – it is impossible leakage failed politicians of a family. ”

LOLz! It’s nice to know that Kim and Kanye are on the same page about what’s okay to be made funny and what’s not. She was never easy on him!

Thoughts, read Perezcious? Would I like to see more serious tweets brought in during “The People’s Kourt” ?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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