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Jonah Hill Urges Fans to Stop Commenting on ‘Good or Bad’ Things About His Body

Hill Hill there is a request: stop talking about her body!

the 21 Jumping on the Road lead is taken from Instagram on Wednesday to set some important boundaries between himself and social media followers. The 37-year-old uploaded a brief but informative text post on why her patient’s compliments and opinions weren’t “helpful,” sharing:

“I know you mean well but I kindly ask you not to comment on my body. good or bad. I want to let you know politely that it doesn’t help and doesn’t feel good. Lots of respect. ”

Wow! Such a cool thing to ask and an important reminder to everyone who uses social media. Even the most well-intentioned comment can negatively affect someone, especially since you don’t know what internal conflict that can be a struggle of the people. It’s much better to focus on other aspects of uploads-and there are thousands of ways to send a compliment without judging the person!

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It is good that there is such a public saying about this issue. See Jonah’s full message (below)!

Many A-listers are quick to praise the Superbad star for his candidacy, including Saturday Night Livethe Aidy Bryant, who noticed the request by chiming a marked emoji. UPS also replied:

“You are absolutely Loved. Thanks !! “

Many fans also supported, stating:

“A lot of respect to you for writing Jonas. No one has the right to comment on your body, it’s sacred to you and we’ll focus on your incredible moves and projects you’ve always done. ”

“I can’t believe you have to say this anyway”

“This is good advice for everyone!”

A celeb apparently didn’t get the memo, though. Sharon Bato falsely ignored Jonah’s request by commenting on his body! Grabe ?! He writes:

“Can I say you look good?

Uh… read the room, Sharon! Or, even better, read the post! He asked for NO comments on his body – good or bad. the Basic Instinct The actress may have no plans to show an opinion on her friend’s appearance, but it’s hard to read a general comment like that and not think it has anything to do with appearance. Hopefully he can give a letter for the future.

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This isn’t the first time Hill has stood up for body positivity and we doubt it will be the end (especially responses like Stone). Back in February, the filmmaker released the tabloids to publish a no photo shirt he enjoyed the sun at the beach, writing in ‘grams:

“I don’t think I ever took my shirt off a pool until I was in my mid -30s even in front of family and friends. Maybe it would have happened if my insecurities in my childhood hadn’t worsened over the years. public ridicule about my body by reporters and interviewers.So the idea that the media tried me by stalking me while surfing and posting photos like this and it could no longer be I will phase up. ”

While she praises the fact that she can “finally love and accept” herself, this acceptance is an ongoing journey. We appreciate that he is still continuing for his mental health and body image by trying to shut down unwanted feedback! Thoughts, Perezcious readers ?! Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jonah Hill/Instagram]

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