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Jill Duggar Suffers From Child Abuse No. 3, Bliss Bliss

Depends On alum Jill Dillard (née Duggar) revealed she and husband Derick Dillard suffered from getting the skin tested after it was discovered that they were expecting the baby No.

“Now we know we are expecting our third child. We are all happy! It’s nice to see more joy on the boys’ faces as we share the news with them,” the couple, who are both child Israel, 6, and Samuel, 4, write in new post via their family blog on Monday, Oct. 11, sharing a clip showing her positive test.

Jill Duggar's Family Photos
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“[The boys] full of questions and excited that we were talking about pregnancy and how they were involved in the process and after childbirth. However, a few days later we started getting a takeover, ”they continued.

Jill, 30, says she and Derick, 32, will be named their unborn child River Bliss Dillard, explains, “Even though it’s too early to tell the child’s gender, we chose a name that we feel embodies the importance of our child and life that we will always remember.”

The former TLC The personality and his seven -year -old partner chose the moniker River for many reasons close and dear to their hearts. “Here in Arkansas, rivers are always beautiful, beautiful escapes,” they wrote. “We also like how the Bible’s reference to the River (Rev. 22: 1-5) represents God’s life-giving presence.”

“Our child cannot live here with us in the world, but forever with the fountain of the river of life, in the presence of the Lord!” Jill and Derick end their emotional statement. “And we chose Bliss for a half name because our child lived in the full joy of the Lord and that was a gift. brings great joy and happiness to us even if we are only together in this world for a short time. ”

Jill Duggar Reveals She Suffered From Getting a Child Left 3
Courtesy of Jill Duggar / Instagram

Jill Duggar.

Along with their latest blog post, the pair shared a YouTube video documenting her third pregnancy journey titled “Happiness Can Change Sadness,” in which it shows happy moments towards their devastating disappearance.

“We wanted to give you the world, but you got heaven,” they wrote at the end of the clip. “Safe in the arms of Jesus. October 2021. ”

Jill and Derick have been married since June 2014 and they adopted their first child together, Israel, in 2015, and their second son, Samuel, in 2017.

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