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Jelani Day Is Said To Be Found W / Her Jawbone ‘Sawed Out’ + Part Of Her Body Described As ‘Flay’

Jelani Day Is Said To Be Found W / Her Jawbone ‘Sawed Out’ + Part Of Her Body Described As ‘Flay’

New information about Jelani Day case has been released.

As previously reported, Jelani Day–A 25-year-old student who graduated from Illinois State University-died last month. He disappeared near Peru, Illinois on Aug. 24, and he died Sept. 23 after a body was found in an Illinois river identified as his. While the body of Jelani Day found Sept. 4, took the LaSalle County coroner three weeks to determine the remains.

Jelani Day

Jelani DayThe family finally decided to ask for a private coroner to do a second autopsy in the body. According to his mother–Carmen Bolden Day–And a lawyer Hallie M. Bezner, Jelani DayThe body was mostly destroyed by the river and by animals, carrying things like dead bodies with lots of fish and turtle bites. Jelani DayThe body was also recovered without eyeballs, and his organs were quoted as such “Completely drunk.”

There are other findings that show more suspicion, such as the loss of the body of the front tooth and the jawbone. “Gabas.” Jelani DayThe genitalia were also reported unidentified, and a forensic pathologist in LaSalle County suggested it did. “Flay.”

Jelani Day

In this new information, the INVESTIGATIONS in the event of Jelani Day continued. ATTORNEYS Hallie M. Parehas said:

“I really try to be able to ask questions and not go the way of a lot of conspiracy because I think it’s easy to go that way.”

He also reflected on the situation Jelani DayThe remains, reportedly already decomposed Carmen Bolden Day advised against looking at them.

“His form is very bad. It’s a sad story, for sure. ”

Since the news broke, various social media users have commented on the situation. Many compare Jelani Day on Emmett Till, and others suggest he was a victim of organ trafficking. See what some Twitter users have to say below:

Jelani Day was recently honored at a celebration of life in his hometown of Danville, Illinois. His family continues to search for answers, and the investigation continues.

We send our family prayers on Jelani Day.


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