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Here’s a dish Matt Judon doesn’t want to see on his Thanksgiving table

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Everyone has their favorite dish they look forward to eating every Thanksgiving.

The star of the New England Patriots Matt Judon better not see macaroni and cheese on his plate this Thanksgiving

Matt grumbled when asked about his favorite Thanksgiving meal during a press conference on Tuesday.

“I won’t even answer your question. I’ll tell you,” he said.

“We have to get the macaroni and cheese off the table, okay guys ?. Just cheese and noodles. I took my soapbox. Just cheese and noodles and not very good. Let’s be honest guys: Everything here is probably a little lactose (intolerant) ) is so bothering our stomachs and we need to get it off the table.

“But my favorite is dressing up. I love dressing up, but get the macaroni and cheese off the table and it can be a better Thanksgiving for everyone in the house. I really don’t like macaroni and cheese. And know- you know how they say, ‘Your taste will change every seven years?’ Every time I try, it’s the same and never changes and never gets better.

I’m almost 30 now, I’ve put my methods in place, and it’s disgusting. Get it off the table. The bathrooms can be less busy and everyone has a better day. So if you want to have a good Thanksgiving, don’t cook macaroni and cheese. ”

Matt says “macaroni and cheese” words fight.

“… My whole family loves it. My brothers and sisters. My mom cooked it in a big pot-they knew not to put it on my plate, or that fighting words .All right? I have to fight everyone at home individually. And I’ll wait until they can eat their macaroni and cheese, weak, and then I’ll go whoop ’em. “

If you invite Matt to your house for Thanksgiving, you are warned.

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