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Halsey Shares Baby Body Photos With ‘Important’ Message

Real time. Halsey shares a powerful post about the realities of motherhood to her fans.

“I’m posting this because whatever I do people will talk about my body. It’s a confusing symptom that’s in the public eye, so instead of complaining, I’ll give you something real to talk about!” the actor “Dear”, who gave birth to son Ender in July, started via Instagram on Monday, October 11th.

Halsey Says 'No' Restored Their 'Pre-Baby Body': 'That's Not What I Say'
Courtesy of Halsey / Instagram

“I did SNL two nights passed and many people were quick to tell how beautiful I was. That’s a strange feeling. My body has been like a stranger for a long time. I kept myself honest to the point of sharing too much sometimes but it felt important, ”continued Halsey, whose real name is Ashley Frangipane.

“The first photo on this slide was days after my baby was born. A lot of people don’t know that you look pregnant too shortly after. It’s still changing, and I let it. No. I’m interested in exercising right now. I’m so tired and busy playing with my beloved son, “they added before revealing some industry secrets.

Halsey Says 'No' Restored Their 'Pre-Baby Body': 'That's Not What I Say'
Courtesy of Halsey / Instagram

“That being said, the body behind all the compliments last night was wearing a dress that was tailored and lit up perfectly after a lot of testing, so I felt good and did my job,” he wrote. Halsey. “I don’t want to feed the Illusion that you intended to feel and look ‘good’ immediately after postpartum. That’s not my narrative right now.”

The “Without Me” singer goes on to tell other parents that they may have the same feeling. “If you’re following me because you’re a parent too and you dig what I do, please know I’m in your corner. I can’t get my ‘pre-baby body’ back no matter how it changes physically because I have a baby! ”Halsey stated.

“That changed me forever; emotionally, spiritually and physically. That change is permanent. I don’t want to go back! But in the sense of honesty, I’m really tired and not a superhuman and it’s really hard, ”the New Jersey native concluded. “Doing my best to serve my art and my family while learning that it really is. Love. ”

Halsey gave son Ender, who will be 3 months old on October 14, with boyfriend Alev Aydin. The couple started dating in October 2020 previously reveals a surprise pregnancy in January 2021.

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