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Girl, 9, fights with man who robbed her mother (Video)

The photo may have been deleted

West Palm Beach PD

A 9-year-old girl has been called a hero after she fought a man who robbed her mother in the supermarket parking lot.

the the incident occurred outside Sabor Tropical Supermarket in West Palm Beach, Florida on Nov. 2.

West Palm Beach police say Danielle Mobley and her daughter Journée Nelson were walking back to their car when a robber – identified as 29 -year -old Demetrius Jackson – ran and hit Mobley on the ground .

Mobley fought Jackson who grabbed his wallet containing a Samsung phone, $ 40 cash, several bank cards, a Coach wallet, his hidden carry permit and chewing gum.

As the adult men stood nearby and did nothing, little Journée threw punches in Jackson’s face then chased him as he fled with his mom’s purse.

“He actually jumped in and chased him four houses on the block with me chasing him, calling him back,” Mobley said during a news conference.

The surveillance video below shows the struggle between Mobley, Journée and the robber and the chase that ensued.

For his bravery, the little Journée was honored by the West Palm Beach Police Department last week.

“I wouldn’t recommend that you confront an individual like that,” West Palm Beach Police Chief Frank Adderley said. “I bet he was shocked when he punched him in the face … He didn’t expect that. I think he hit him well.”

Journée took photos with her parents during a tour of the West Palm Beach Police Department.

Watch the video below.

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