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Facebook’s solutions to better protect teens on Instagram

Facebook will launch new features for teenagers. It’s urgent. The scandal has not abated since‘Instagram has been accused of increasing adolescent ill-being and in particular that of young girls by the whistleblower and ex-employee Frances Haugen. Interviewed by CNN, Facebook vice president for public affairs and communications Nick Clegg announced three upcoming changes.

Parental controls while waiting for Instagram Kids

“We will introduce a new parental control system for parents of teenagers, on an optional basis, so that they can supervise what they are doing online. “, did he declare. “When our system sees that a teenager is watching the same content over and over again that that content is not conducive to their well-being, they will be encouraged to view other content.”, he added. Finally, notifications will be sent to those who spend too much time online on the platform urging them to take breaks.

The answer seems a little weak compared to the scale of the problem. And, above all, why not have these measures in place earlier since Facebook had known about them since 2019?

Nick Clegg also said he was convinced that the Instagram Kids launch would be one of the wisest solutions. The project is therefore not abandoned, but well postponed because of the highly controversial context. He declined to give the ideal daily screen time duration for every young user.

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Nick Clegg tried to downplay Instagram’s deleterious impact on mental health, once again noting that the effects would be positive for a majority of adolescents.

He also defended the usefulness of algorithms, suspected of contributing to the virality of negative and divisive content. Frances Haugen notably proposed that Facebook stop using it for users’ news feed.. “They are designed to work as spam filters”, Nick Clegg retorted. “If we took them away, you would see even more hate speech and disinformation”, he said. He says, however, Facebook stands ready to do all the transparency and open them to the US regulator for inspection.

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