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Chrissy Teigen Gibash the ‘F ** king Riled Up’ Critics With Her Eyebrow Transplant!

Chrissy Teigen frowning her big, beautiful new eyebrows at the latest complaint from fans!

As we reported, the contested supermodel revealed that she had just passed an eyebrow transplant. Shortly after he shared the news, countless critics reached out to him on social media, firing John Legendthe wife’s to post about expensive cosmetic procedures.

Social media users are outraged:

“Chrissy tiegen got EYEBROW TRANSPLANT Y’ALL People have a lot of money. ”

“The world would go to hell with a basket in hand but thank heaven Chrissy Teigen was able to move her eyebrows!”

“People need life -saving transplants and yourself without actually getting eyebrow transplants. Yay for you!”

Since having new eyebrows didn’t affect her ability to read, Chrissy was attracted to Twiticism and quickly let out a fiery applause back at her. Instagram Stories.

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On top of a screengrab from an article that follows some of the angry responses, the Wishes the author wrote:

WHY do people get angry at any little thing I do? You will have a heart attack. ”

He’s not completely wrong about that: fans are definitely focusing on each other Bring The Laughter wrong move by the host. Most recently, the “deaf tone” Squid game theme party she and her husband throwing in their mansion has created controversy, with critics pointing to Netflix The show is a direct satire against super rich people like Chrissy and John.

Fans cried at the time:

“I’m sorry the rich are literally so deaf. The nukos game is literally about people whose lives are so bad because they are poor that they want to play a game of literal life or death to escape the return of poverty and Chrissy Teigen really reenacts it in her mansion.

“Chrissy Teigen did a Squid Game themed party and once again she didn’t get to the whole point.”

“I’m usually a fan Chrissy Teigen but there’s something super f ** ked up and weird about spending the weekend cosplaying Squid Game with your amazingly rich friends.

Sige. Let’s call that a big reaction to a “small” mistake …

But the gurl has big eyebrows suggesting that each of her scandals is “small.” Anger in response to Chrissy’s cyberbullying scandal definitely necessary, because mother-of-two is directly encouraged Courtney Stodden to kill themselves. That’s not a “small” violation.

The eyebrow backlash, however, is a different story. Leave him alone!

[Image via Instagram/MEGA/WENN]

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