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Brian Laundrie Underground Bunker Theory: Experts Reveal If It’s Possible He’s Hiding In A Step

One of the most, unbelievable, most unbelievable things heard in a long time is the theory that Brian Laundrie never left his parents ’home in North Port, Florida. Never walked the Carlton Reserve, never doubled north of the Appalachian Trail, was not there – because he was hiding in the garden, underground.

The assumption, that burned TikTok last week, excerpted from a video, captured on a drone cam, which shows the fugitive’s parents in their backyard visiting an empty flower. Brian’s mother Roberta Laundrie appears to reach his hand in the corner – and so on as if bursting from the ground and met it.

Brian Laundrie’s parents bunker TikTok
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Internet sleuths believe this is it the hand of their 23-year-old son coming to get something from Mom. Which is why they thought, naturally, he must be hiding in a secret bunker underground.

Crazy, isn’t it? Absolutely. Only… that video is hard to explain if it’s not true…

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While it’s unclear if the police or FBI looked at the left lead in the field, we wondered if such a thing was the same. potential. One of the main reasons given by critics for rejecting the underground bunker theory is out of hand, so that in Florida, you can’t have an underground bunker because of the groundwater level.

Is that correct?

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Fox News reached out to experts about it: Ron Hubbard, CEO of Atlas Survival Shelters, and Gary Lynch, leader of Rising S Company. The shelter companies are both based in Texas, which is in the same latitude as Florida – so they can find out if the moisture in the soil makes it impossible to put one underground.

Lynch says:

“It’s not a problem. You just have to weigh them down so they don’t float. ”

Hubbard agreed that it was easy enough to build a chamber in such a climate that could hold water. He also said it was a simple job to install a secret locker – something he said was actually a common request. Not only that but the controversy that Laundries should have needed to file for permits? Hubbard admits that many people ignore permits because there is a chance they will move and a certainty they will be delayed. Instead they just wait for their neighbors to disappear and it’s over.

Well, isn’t that a thing? Really possible! But… is it LIKELY?? Hubbard said the chances of Brian Laundrie living in a secret shelter under his parents ’backyard garden are“ almost zero. ” He explains:

“The possibility of having a bunker there, his parents having a bunker, is absolutely 100% credible. However, that being said, it doesn’t look like there’s a hand coming out of the bunker towards me.”

Yes, Hubbard checked the video and said that even the secret entry into the bunker was under the flower beds is one thing (!!!), he thinks it’s not a look. Besides, he argued, the authorities “can think of that now.”

Are the authorities looking into the possibility of a secret room under the surface of the barn? We’re really talking about the same cop who, even though he’s someone interested in a very dubious and controversial case of missing people, left Brian missing under their watch.

But yeah, you’d think the FBI would look into it over the weekend. Isn’t it?

The other is thought of by Hubbard, as someone who sells bunkers, so they probably don’t have it. After all, how many do!

“Maybe you have 1%, or less than 1%, in the United States with bunkers. But that said, if they have a bunker, there might be a possibility.”

Huh Hubbard’s personal guess?

“My own opinion is he’s got as far away from Florida as he can go.”

As a reasonable assumption. But in order for us to minimize the possibility of this garden theory, we need a good explanation for that hand!

How are you, Perezcious detectives ?? Do you think you found a hand in the video? What else is it ??

[Image via FOX13/YouTube/TikTok.]

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