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Brazilian Street Justice: Thug takes girl’s wallet, trampled on by real men (Video)

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Another viral video from Brazil shows real men beating up a punk after he tried to steal a woman on a busy street in broad daylight.

The video shows a driver delivering food riding a motorcycle and grabbing a woman’s purse. Before he could escape with the wallet, a group of men knocked him off the motorcycle and stabbed him in the cement.

The other men gathered and taught the man a valuable lesson with their hands and feet.

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You are rare look at this kind of courage here in the US unless the men are not from here. There are many Jamaican men in America who will not allow a man to have no respect for Black women.

Some American men are soy boys who have too much Estrogen in their blood. They prefer to record the action on their cell phones or stand around and watch.

In the second video below, another vulnerable man is being held by real men after he beats up his girlfriend on the street.

Also, adult men risk their lives to protect a woman they don’t know.

If you’re a petty crook targeting women, don’t do it in Brazil: REAL men are out there. You may get hurt or die.

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