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Adele Crying During Surprise Reunion With Her Favorite Teacher !! Watch the Emotional Time!

This is the kind of interior we need on a Monday!

On Sunday night, Adelenew concert special An Audience with Adele filmed in the UK. Celebrities love it BEYONCE, Dua Lipa, Facebook Facebook logo Sign up for Facebook to connect with Idris Elba, Samuel L. Jackson, Emma watson, Naomi Campbell and many more attended the event London Palladium, where he made his hits and answered questions from his famous fans.

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One of the questions came from Emma Thompson, who asked about someone in the singer’s life who “supports you, or inspires you, or some sort, you know, protects you from all the trials and tribulations of life.” Adele replied:

“I have a teacher in Chestnut Grove, who teaches me English. That was it Miss McDonald… He left when I was in year 8.… Yes, it was only one year, but like him, he really got me into literature. Like, I’ve always been fascinated by English and obviously now I’m writing lyrics.

the Same with you artist recalls:

“She also did street dance. No – I was too scared to participate. But, like, in the canteen they do these dances and things like that. But yeah, umm, he’s so cool. So much fun. He really paid attention to us and we knew he cared about us. ”

He continued:

“She used to have all these gold bracelets and gold, like sequins. I don’t know, he’s so cool, and so relatable and fun that I’m really looking forward to my English lessons.

At that point, Thompson and the cheering crowd revealed that the teacher in question was actually in the audience – and the Grammy the winner immediately cried! The couple shared a hug on stage, where McDonald told her:

“Oh my God, I’m so proud of you.”

One surprise Adele exclaimed that she didn’t know her teacher – whom she hadn’t seen since she was “like, 12 ″ – coming to the show. After they hugged again, the older woman thanked her former student “for remembering me.” the Easy on Me the vocalist replied:

“Oh, my God. No, you really, really changed my life-Mom! Mom, can you believe it? ”

After promising to exchange phone numbers, the 33-year-old admitted that she had to fix her makeup after crying. But before her former instructor left the stage, Adele told her:

“I still got all my books, you know. I got all my books from when you were my teacher. ”


To end it all, he has his friend, the British comedian Alan Carr, comes for a warbling rendition of Make You Feel My Love as he touched her face.

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After the show, one’s mom tweeted:

“Home Sweet Home. I’ve always dreamed of creating An Audience With… There’s so much love in the room for each other [sic], looks like a gig! Everyone is grumbling and daring for it! And there’s my teacher Ms McDonald, just heaven

What a special event! This album rollout has so much more nice surprises. Thanks for the happy tears, Adele!

Ch-ch-check out the emotional clip (below):

[Image via ITV/Twitter/YouTube]

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