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Adele Announces Her Fourth Studio Album, ’30’, Fall Next Month: It’s My Ride Or Death Around The World Time Of My Life

Adele Announces Her Fourth Studio Album, ’30’, Fall Next Month: It’s My Ride Or Death Around The World Time Of My Life

Adele the speakers at a treat this November: a new album!

As previously reported, Adele Recently there have been rumors that he will drop a new project soon. The speculation first started after people noticed the “30” billboards. As in Adele known for naming his albums after his age at the time of production, many believed the billboards were a sign that the 33-year-old English singer was preparing to release an album.

Then, last week, Adele further added to the rumors by announcing a new single, “Easy On Me.”

Now, Adele has already rested the speculation by confirming that he will be releasing a new album soon! Earlier today (Wednesday, October 13th), Adele revealed that he will be releasing his fourth studio album, 30, next month. His announcement was via social media, and there was an accompanying profile shot Adele accompanied by a long statement. It reads:

“I was never close to where I hoped I would get when I first started it almost 3 years ago. It was very rare. I relied on routine and consistency to feel safe. I was always there. And yet I knew- an – ready though, I surrendered myself to a maze in a maze of complete chaos and inner chaos! ”

The statement continues:

“I learned a lot of the facts at home about myself. I shed a lot of layers but I also wrapped myself in new ones. Discovering really useful and good thoughts is paramount, and I feel like I’ve finally found how I feel again. I will say that I have never felt so much more peaceful in my life. And so, I’m ready to finally get away with this album. ”


Adele then revealed:

“It was my ride or death in the whole turbulent phase of my life. As I write this, my friend came in carrying a bottle of wine and brought encouragement to me. My wise friend always gives the best advice. Don’t forget the one who is fierce and says ‘This is your Saturn return babes f ** k it, you only live once.’ The friend who lay down at night and just held my hand while I cried non-stop not knowing why. “

He continues:

“The friend who would get up and go who would pick me up and take me to a place I said I didn’t want to go but I just wanted to get out of the house for some vitamin D. That friend who put me in and left a magazine. a face mask and some bath salts to make me feel loved inadvertently reminding me not only what this month is but I need to take care of myself! ”

Adele wrapped the notice in writing:

“And that friend who was whatever, would check in on me even if I stopped checking in on them because I was exhausted by my own grief. I have eagerly built my house and my heart ever since and this album explains it. Home is the heart. “

He also shared the announcement on Twitter, making it known to users 30 fall on November 19.

It’s also worth keeping that in mind Adele recently handed over to his new music during a conversation. He said:

“With it [album], I made the very conscious decision to be, for the first time in my life, really, ‘What do I want? I feel like this album is self -destructive, then self -reflective and then a kind of self -redemption. But I was ready. I really want people to feel my part in the story at this hour. ‘”

Are you excited for Adele’s upcoming album? Comment below to let us know!

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