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A Contestant Mentions 12 Christmas Dates in Season 2 of HBO Max

Did you hear those sleigh bells ringing, ring ting tingling, too? If so, it is likely due in part to HBO Max’s 12 Christmas Dates will be released on Nov. 24, or in particular, its opponent, Mandi Horning, jingling up to your TV screen. Mandi, who touted herself as “Christmas Girl” on HBO Max’s 12 Christmas Date, was one of 24 contestants on the nine -episode holiday dating show. Made by Netflix’s mastermind Love is blind, Sam Dean, the festive show centers on three different singles whose mission is to bring someone home to meet their families for the holidays. While Mandi can’t SOMEWHAT share if she found love for the holidays through the show, she gave us some fun insight into what to expect (and what not to expect) in all of this.

A What His Time Was Like Before the Movie

“[Leading up to the show] not very well known at all, “he told POPSUGAR.” You just don’t know if you’ll be able to lead or if you’ll be in the cast or even when you’ll be flying. And then finally they offered me the role of dating on the show, and I was so excited, I said yes. actually from a commotion from a bad car accident. So just like me, it changed my life on many different levels. ”

Finally, Mandi packed her bags to fly to Tahoe where she was quarantined for 14 days, and finally, entered the show’s fantasy lodge. “It’s the most exotic winter Christmas land you can imagine,” Mandi said of the lodge. “I mean, the elements of this show and the way the production team and the creative team put it together, I think it’s really unique.”

On His Good Date Bringing Home For Christmas

As a Christmas-lover herself, Mandi is most excited to find out how her single lead spends her holidays and if she can fit in with her small family at home. “For us, Christmas is about insanity, almost like returning to a childish state … the person I bring home for Christmas is someone who is there to celebrate the family and their myself. ” With Mandi’s strong love for Christmas, it’s no surprise that she’s given herself a bad label. “Everyone loves Christmas at home. But I think I’m the Christmas girl.” He laughed.

What to Expect From the Movie

Like what to expect from the overall cast? This is not a holiday dating show without drama! “OK, so, you put a lot of people in the house, there’s drama, of course.” He continues, “There are things that happen where it’s shocking and you don’t know what to expect, and I just try to keep space for all of it as it goes on and do my best to work at times. “But what I love about the cast is that we all know we’re all different and we don’t like everyone-that’s life-but in the same way, we’re in that experience together.”

Like if Mandi wins one of the top singles hearts? That’s for us to find out later, but in the end, he found his Christmas miracle. “I know it’s a dating show, but for me, the way HBO Max gave me my Christmas fairy tale was epic.”

Tune in 12 Christmas Dates on HBO Max this Thursday, Nov. 24.

Photo Source: Joe Magnani / HBO Max

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